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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Latest Honda and Ford Recalls

The latest round of recalls includes 2009-2011 Ford E-150, E-250, E-350, E-450 and 2009-2011 Honda Pilots. Honda is recalling the Pilots voluntarily as the front seat belts in some crash situations could become detached from the anchor webbing due to faulty stitching. Since this is an issue of safety and serious concern, if you have a 2009-2011 Honda Pilot and have not received your recall notice yet, contact your dealer immediately. Ford's recalls involve fuel rails included in models and years above and is for vans equipped with Roush propane conversion kits that may leak propane because of a bad injector retention clip that was placed incorrectly. Should you have any additional issues with any of the vehicles regarding the recalls or other defects, contact lemon lawyers for a free lemon law case review. Just because your manufacturer issues a recall, it doesn't mean that you have to ignore your lemon law rights.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lemon Law 2011

A recently passed, new and improved Lemon Law allows new car owners to return defective cars to the dealer within 12 months of purchase. A vehicle that suffers from frequent electrical malfunctions or mechanical breakdowns during a short period, and thus endangers the operator, receives the designation of “lemon”. This beneficial law benefits both consumers and the economy. The Lemon Law of 2011, or House Bill 4841, “An Act Strengthening Consumer Protection in the Purchase of Brand New Motor Vehicles”, protects consumers who purchase a new vehicle with defects. Such new car owners would have the right to choose to receive a similar powered replacement vehicle or a refund of the purchase price and miscellaneous other charges associated with vehicle purchases. Additionally, the consumer receives a loaner car or taxi allowance while the new car undergoes repairs in a shop. The law applies to new vehicles purchased within the past 12 months. This law might sound unnecessary since new vehicle warranties typically cover repairs for a period of up to five years. However, many consumers praise the law and its protection from defective new vehicle purchases. Before the Lemon Law, consumers who purchased defective new vehicles had little recourse for compensation. With such an expensive purchase, one wishes to receive a reliable vehicle in perfect working condition. This law gives consumers trustworthy transportation as well as a legal outlet for settling disputes. When consumers purchase expensive items like new cars, factory, dealership, and government employees receive wages. These workers in turn spend money, which benefits the consumer. Overall, everyone benefits from the Lemon Law. Consumers boost the economy and confidently purchase new quality vehicles with assurances that factory defects will be corrected or they will receive a new vehicle. With the Lemon Law of 2011, everyone wins.

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