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Monday, July 25, 2011

Revisions to Ohio Lemon Law Based on Japan's Recent Disaster

Automakers with plants and facilities in Japan were hit hard by the earthquake and tsunami that pounded the country recently. In an effort to afford these manufacturers the opportunity and time to get necessary parts from overseas to repair certain vehicles that fall under the Ohio Lemon Law , Ohio lawmakers have made changes to Ohio's Lemon Law.

According to John Corbitt, Director of Policy and Legislation for the Ohio Attorney General's office, the Ohio Lemon Law now allows for an unspecified amount of time to repair the vehicle, but during this period a loaner vehicle must be provided to the consumer. This means the automakers, who sought the changes, will now be able to delay the payment of a refund, or permanent replacement of a vehicle until all reasonable repair attempts have been completed.

Is your vehicle a lemon? Contact qualified lemon law lawyers today for a free consultation.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules on 2006 Lemon Mercedes

Wisconsin Consumer Steve Killian returned his leased 2006 Mercedes to the dealer as a lemon in 2007. Mercedes Benz Financial Services continued to bill Mr. Killian even after he had given up the vehicle. Killian received delinquent notices even though he made Mercedes aware of the vehicle's return to the dealer.

The case was filed in Waukesha County in Wisconsin and both the circuit court and the appeals ruled that Killian did not suffer a loss when Mercedes continued to bill him, thus enforcing the lease. Killian disagreed and argued that if Mercedes was allowed to get away with ignoring the lemon law, then other manufacturers could do the same with a leased vehicle, causing tremendous damage to a consumer's credit history. Not to mention the debt collection efforts that would ensue with non payment.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court agreed with Killian and ruled that Mercedes Benz was in violation of the state lemon law when it refused to honor the "lemon-ness" of a leased vehicle.

Contact a lemon law attorney today if you are experiencing issues with your Mercedes Benz, state and federal lemon laws could offer the protection you need to receive cash back or a new vehicle.

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