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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Locate State Lemon Laws

Buying a car is always a potential risk, but the purchase of a vehicle can become a nightmare when problems become apparent at every turn. When these issues cannot be repaired due to some defect of the car (as it is produced by the manufacturer), the car qualifies as a lemon. Fortunately, there are lemon laws in place to protect the consumer after a defective car has been purchased, and there is a responsibility for the manufacturer to correct the situation or buy back the vehicle.

To locate an individual state’s lemon laws, the easiest place to look is the state’s government website. For example, a Georgia resident can visit and use the search tool to type in “lemon laws”. Georgia and many other states have an Office of Consumer Protection or a similar division, and lemon laws can usually be found in a similar department from state to state. This department may also provide statistics on lemon complaints and other consumer grievances. Additionally, Georgia provides an online form and contact information for completing and filing complaints and reporting violations of lemon laws. If nothing else, a contact phone number should be posted somewhere on the website if more information or clarification of the lemon laws is needed.

Similarly, if searching a state website gets too twisted or confusing, city government centers should have the statewide information regarding vehicle laws and registration, and this information should include lemon laws. As an added benefit, there should be easily accessible employees to provide assistance, and this is generally more helpful than calling the website's help line. If you do not know the location of the city government center, a quick glance in the phone book should provide a directory of local city services phone numbers and addresses.

Purchasing a lemon can be a nightmare, especially when a new car has a defect that becomes apparent much later, but there are laws in place to protect the consumer from too much undue pain and frustration. Being knowledgeable about lemon laws can make the reporting and recovery process much less of a hassle.

If you believe you are driving a lemon, you should also contact a lemon law lawyer to see how the law can be on your side. The consultation is free so you have nothing to lose.

Monday, February 14, 2011

How to Find the Right Lemon Law Attorney

It is very important for any individual that is seeking to purchase a used vehicle, to become very familiar with their state's lemon law. Lemon laws can be very helpful in protecting individuals from the devastating financial loss that can result from purchasing a vehicle that repeatedly fails to meet their states accepted standards of performance. It is commonly believed that individuals who purchase vehicles as-is, have forfeited their rights to remedies for the financial damages that occur as the result of purchasing a faulty vehicle. The lemon law offers individuals protection from bad automotive purchases, even though the vehicles that they purchase have no warranties. It must be noted that in some states, used or leased vehicles are not covered under the lemon law, and buyers must be very cautious when they seek to purchase a used vehicle or to lease a vehicle.

The best method to find the right lemon law attorney, is to conduct thorough research of the attorneys in your area that have a successful track record of winning lemon law cases for their clients. The Internet can be a very viable tool in helping an individual to find attorneys that take lemon law cases. It would be advisable for an individual to obtain the phone numbers and addresses of perspective lemon law attorneys, and to develop a list from which to contact these attorneys. One should call the attorneys that they have listed, in order to speak with them in regards to their experience in handling lemon law cases. It will be advised that an individual searching for a lemon law attorney, have the attorney to fax them the results of their last 5 to 10 lemon law cases. Once you have received the results of the lemon law cases that were pursued by the attorneys that you have contacted, you should choose the attorney that has the highest success rate. It is important to try to choose the attorney that provides the best services, at the most economical rates possible.

One should try to make an earnest effort to balance efficiency, effectiveness, and economy when seeking a good attorney. It is very important that one receives the services that one requires, without incurring tremendous financial debt.

Monday, February 7, 2011

How to Avoid Being Scammed When Purchasing a Used Vehicle?

As with the purchase of any other item in the market, it is essential for you to take precautions so as to save your self from getting conned or scammed in the market.

The decision to purchase a car means a sizable investment of your hard earned money and therefore you should remain cautious that you are paying only the reasonable amount for buying your vehicle. In order to assist you in getting the best value for your money when buying a car, here are a few tips on purchasing a car without being scammed.

1. You should inspect the vehicle in person. Today online auctions have gained immense popularity but you must insist on seeing the car yourself. You must never rely on the description and images online alone to make your car buying decision.

2. Check if the odometer has been rolled back. This is an important tip when purchasing a used car. You should thoroughly check the odometer reading as you can easily check the car mileage and its ‘age’ through this step. You can then estimate if the car has been used sparingly and if its quoted price is fair. You should be extra careful as some sellers also employ unlawful techniques of reversing odometers to decrease its reading just to take advantage of the ignorance of buyers. If you are unsure about this step, take the car to a licensed mechanic for a complete inspection and they'll be able to help you.

3. Check the history of the vehicle using a vehicle history report. This can provide you some idea on the actual condition of the car you intend to buy. You can get the vehicle history report to see any past accidents or fixes which it has gone through. You should also check if it has been ever flooded as it would be worthless to purchase a flooded vehicle.

4. Check below the hood and test drive the car. You should actually test drive the vehicle yourself to see if it is performing as promised by the seller.

Since you are purchasing a used vehicle, you should also understand and consider the lemon law. Understanding the lemon law in your state and whether it covers used vehicles can be very helpful. Click here to read the lemon laws in your state.

A car lemon is actually classified as a vehicle which has been successively repaired for more than four times for a critical defect which impairs its optimum usage in the warranty period and even then that defect has not been properly fixed.

If you believe that you have purchased a lemon, contact a lemon law lawyer today to see if you have a case.
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