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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finding an Arizona Lemon Law Lawyer

Lemon laws. We have all heard this term. It is basically a law that protects the consumers who have purchased a car of his or her dreams and whose dream has turned into a nightmare. A car that keeps breaking down repeatedly after it has just been bought is usually called a lemon. The federal law that protects the poor consumer is called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Now, just because there is a law to protect you, it does not mean that it's going to be easy to get justice for your situation.

The first thing to do when you realize that you have a lemon in your hands is to speak to the person in charge that has sold you the vehicle. The problem might be due to the manufacturer's workmanship. Either way, telling them what is going on is the right thing to do. Who knows? miracles can happen and they might want to do right by you. They might agree, and tell you that they do not want you to be unhappy with the purchase. Yes, miracles can happen. However the reason that they are called miracles is because they happen so infrequent.

After the seller has been told what is going on with the car, if nothing is resolved then you have to go to the next step. No matter how distasteful it may be there is no choice to proceed unless you want to start riding a bicycle. If you keep insisting that you want it resolved then the manufacturer or seller will probably want you to go through arbitration.
This is because they know that they have experience on their side and you don't! They are counting on this. You will need protection. The reason that you will need a lemon law attorney is that you will be vulnerable with no one on your side. Face it; you are out of your element.

This is when an Arizona lemon law lawyer will be needed to come to the rescue. Is there anything more difficult than getting money back from a car dealer? If the fault is due to the manufacturer's warranty, only an experienced Arizona lemon law attorney can help. Only an Arizona lemon law lawyer that has been experience has a chance in this kind of situation. These lemon laws vary from state to state. An Arizona lemon law lawyer will know the complex details for your state and assist you to present your case.


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March 20, 2012 at 8:08 PM  
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