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Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Get Stuck With a Lemon Vehicle - Fight Back

The purchase of an automobile is one of the most important and expensive endeavors that many individuals face financially, and it is very important that individuals conduct thorough research on the vehicle that they are about to purchase. Due to the nature of the used auto sales industry, it is paramount that there are laws to protect consumers. The lemon law is a law specifically designed to protect consumers from unsatisfactorily performing automobiles, and to help to remedy the situation in a manner that is helpful to a consumer that has been wronged. These laws protect consumers in every state of the union, and are a very effective and efficient means of fighting back against unsavory car salesmen.

One of the great things about the lemon law, is the fact that the protections afforded individuals can often times exceed those contained in the warranties. This is very useful information, due to the fact that many warranties only provide limited and unsatisfactory coverage for the consumer. Lemon laws may vary from state to state, but they all provide great assistance to individuals who have purchased vehicles that continuously failed to perform up to satisfactory standards. A lemon law lawyer can be your best ally in helping you to ascertain the rights that are afforded you according to your state lemon laws, as well as the most effective manner in pursuing legal remedies for your given situation.

One of the primary strategies that should be used in the allocation of the lemon law, is to ensure that there has been a breach of warranty. Proving that there has been a breach of warranty is one of the best ways to ensure that you will be successful in a civil case against a the auto sales organization, or even the manufacturer. The lemon law in most states applies to both written and unwritten, or implied warranties, which can hold the seller and or manufacturer liable even though there is no written warranty. A lemon law lawyer will have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in pursuing your case, whether it be against the seller, the manufacturer, or both.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Consumer Fraud: What To Do When A Product Doesn't Work

Consumer fraud is a major problem today. It takes many forms. Consumer fraud can be a customer being sold defective goods. Sometimes consumers can be defrauded by businesses selling counterfeit goods. There are also a number of problems with billing, pricing, deceptive marketing and hidden costs that can be described as consumer fraud. Many times the customer is not aware they are the victim of fraud until weeks or even months after the act has taken place. Sometimes customers only become aware of fraud when their product doesn't work properly for months or they see someone else who has the same product and it works as it should.

Oftentimes consumer fraud goes undetected. Consumers often blame themselves when a product doesn't seem to work right. They question whether they have connected it properly or followed the instructions to the letter. They may wonder if they damaged it in transit or during set-up. They may blame themselves or a loved one for the product's failure to perform as advertised. When they acknowledge there may be a problem with the product many don't know what to do. They don't realize they can go to the business themselves or they can contact an attorney.

A lemon law attorney can be most helpful when a customer is sold a product that does not work at all or does not do what the customer is told it will do. Some mistakenly believe a lemon law attorney can only help with issues related to automobiles. Nothing can be further from the truth. A lemon law attorney can help customers when they have problems with a wide variety of goods. If you are sold a high-end television, computer, stove or refrigerator that won't do what you expected it to do, you may have a case where a lemon law attorney can be of help.

When there are problems with big ticket items like automobile or boats people are more likely to pay attention and seek legal redress. But consumers are often sold defective or damaged goods the store knows does not work properly. The items may have been damaged by store personnel. Even if the items only cost a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, these are instances of consumer fraud and an experienced attorney can help.

Consumer fraud cost millions of dollars each year. Consumers should know their rights and seek legal redress where necessary.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

GM Recalls 28,000 Cars, Trucks and SUVs in 2011

The number of GM recalled cars in 2011 stands at 28,000 thus far. The car manufacturer took the action of recalling some of its trucks because of an issue with the axle. The axle has cross pins that may fracture and cause an accident so the owners of these trucks will need to have their vehicles taken in for service to rectify this problem. The GM recalls are still in effect and will be for a while.

Some car manufacturers have been known to delay the recalls of their vehicles. This means that no car owner knows if their car might have a defect in it even if the car is brand new and has just been driven off of the lot. The GM recalls bring to light the need for consumers to know about lemon law attorneys.

A lemon law attorney is an attorney that handles legal cases that deal with clients who have gotten “lemon” cars and vehicles. This means that after someone purchased a new car or a car with a written warranty, and the car was found to be defective the dealer, previous owner, or automobile company may have to then replace the defective automobile or give the buyer a complete refund for their purchase.

Often car dealers will not divulge what is wrong with a car before they sell it to consumers. The buyer is unaware that the car has a serious defect and purchases the car without having this knowledge. This is why consumers should have their used cars inspected by a licensed mechanic before they decide to buy it.

All new cars have a warranty on them through the manufacturer. It is important to your papers from the dealership if you purchased a new car because it will show how many miles are covered by the warranty.

When a consumer has an issue with someone who sells them a defective car and the car is not replaced or refunded then a lemon law attorney should be consulted. Potential clients should bring all of the documentation that they have received through the car buying process with them.

The lemon law attorney will review the information during the consultation process. It is important to find a lemon law attorney that has at least a few years of experience to ensure that they are knowledgeable on the lemon laws in your state. If you have been sold a lemon of a car and are wondering what to do next, then see a lemon law attorney as soon as possible. Click here for a free case review.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Finding an Arizona Lemon Law Lawyer

Lemon laws. We have all heard this term. It is basically a law that protects the consumers who have purchased a car of his or her dreams and whose dream has turned into a nightmare. A car that keeps breaking down repeatedly after it has just been bought is usually called a lemon. The federal law that protects the poor consumer is called the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Now, just because there is a law to protect you, it does not mean that it's going to be easy to get justice for your situation.

The first thing to do when you realize that you have a lemon in your hands is to speak to the person in charge that has sold you the vehicle. The problem might be due to the manufacturer's workmanship. Either way, telling them what is going on is the right thing to do. Who knows? miracles can happen and they might want to do right by you. They might agree, and tell you that they do not want you to be unhappy with the purchase. Yes, miracles can happen. However the reason that they are called miracles is because they happen so infrequent.

After the seller has been told what is going on with the car, if nothing is resolved then you have to go to the next step. No matter how distasteful it may be there is no choice to proceed unless you want to start riding a bicycle. If you keep insisting that you want it resolved then the manufacturer or seller will probably want you to go through arbitration.
This is because they know that they have experience on their side and you don't! They are counting on this. You will need protection. The reason that you will need a lemon law attorney is that you will be vulnerable with no one on your side. Face it; you are out of your element.

This is when an Arizona lemon law lawyer will be needed to come to the rescue. Is there anything more difficult than getting money back from a car dealer? If the fault is due to the manufacturer's warranty, only an experienced Arizona lemon law attorney can help. Only an Arizona lemon law lawyer that has been experience has a chance in this kind of situation. These lemon laws vary from state to state. An Arizona lemon law lawyer will know the complex details for your state and assist you to present your case.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

US Auto Complaints on the Rise

2010 brought record breaking numbers of complaints issued against car companies for manufacturing defects. Toyota topped the list with vehicle recalls last year, and has recently been fined over 32 million dollars for their business practices. Next on the list came Nissan, with almost 60 complaints per 100,000 vehicles sold. American cars were fourth on the list for vehicle safety complaints with nearly 50 complaints per 100,000 cars sold; this is up from 30 per 100,000 the year before.

Consumers contacting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have found that they often do not receive a response from the agency and must face expensive repairs alone. The NHTSA has stated that the sheer volume of complaints being registered in the last year has caused the process to slow down, but have assured the public that each and every case is reviewed and patterns are searched for among the complaints.

If you have a vehicle safety issue it is recommended that you contact the agency with your complaint. However, if you wish to have something immediately done about your complaint you will need to contact a lemon law lawyer.

Lemon laws are laws enacted in each state that provide consumers with protection against faulty manufacturing processes by auto makers. Each state has different standards that qualify an automobile as a lemon. If you are suffering from continual problems, especially reoccurring problems with your car, you should seek the assistance of a lemon law attorney.

A lemon law lawyer can help you determine if your car problems are qualified under your state lemon law. If it does qualify, they can then take the necessary actions to ensure that your vehicle is repaired or replaced by the manufacturer. Also, by contacting an attorney, you will be able to find out if your particular make and model is subject to any other vehicle recalls that could help your case.

If you are having difficulties with your car you do not have to suffer alone. Contact the appropriate government agency to lodge your complaint followed by a call to a lemon law attorney. As a consumer you have the protection of the law if your car is not up to standards due to the poor manufacturing process of a car company.
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