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Monday, November 29, 2010

How To Avoid Auto Sales Fraud

Before purchasing a vehicle make sure you are well prepared and knowledgeable, otherwise you will have a good chance of having auto sales fraud. One good website to use would be to check what the TMV (True Market Value) of the vehicle is, before making any decisions.

Auto sales fraud is common today and everyone needs to be wary of this. One way to protect yourself, is to get financing pre-approved elsewhere and don't get financing at a dealer.

Also make sure that you take the vehicle that you are considering off-site and have your mechanic take a look at it. Also have a safety check to make sure that the vehicle is in good shape and doesn't need extensive repairs.

You will also need to have all of the dealer's promises in writing and any thing that they have agreed that they would fix, in writing. Don't just take their word for granted. Make sure that your are dealing with a legitimate dealership, because many of them are scams. Remember, you need to have everything in writing, otherwise you will have to shop elsewhere for a vehicle!

If you find out that you are dealing with a total fraud dealership, you may have to hire a consumer fraud attorney to work with you and make sure that the dealer doesn't rip you off and take advantage of you. Also don't pick just any consumer fraud attorney, make sure you research them to make sure they can guarantee results, also in writing. If you don't have their results they are promising in writing, you don't have any guarantee that they will help your given situation.If you have taken these tips as mentioned above, you will have taken a great step to make sure you are not being taken advantage of, like so many people have been in the past.

Be careful and don't make choices too quickly, take your time, and make sure you are the one in charge, not the dealership! Then you should, have a great experience in purchasing the vehicle that you want, not the one they want you to buy.

How to Use a Carfax Vehicle Report When Shopping for a Used Car

It is very important to get your money’s worth when shopping for a used car. Used cars can have problems that are not noticeable at first from just looking at them. One way to help lessen the chance that a person will find themselves buying a lemon is to use a Carfax vehicle report.

A Carfax report lists the relevant information on the used car; they are available online. This includes maintenance records, what the car has been used for, number of people that have owned the vehicle, and car accident indicators including number of times airbags have been deployed.

Some older cars have had their odometers turned back to make it look like they have less miles on them than they really do. The report lists odometer readings so that this type of fraud is visible to the consumer.

Maintenance records include oil changes, state emissions inspection results, flood damage information, and information relating to the title. The process is done through doing a VIN number check on the automobile.

There are used car lemon laws in the United States to help protect consumers from unknowingly buying automobiles with serious mechanical issues. A lemon law states that a car that is not sold as is may be able to be returned for a refund if the seller knew of certain issues with the car and did not divulge this information to the buyer.

For example, if a seller stripped a car and rebuilt it, the car was used as a rental car or taxi, someone tampered with the odometer, he or she knew the car was damaged in a flood, the car has mechanical issues, or was involved in an accident then the consumer can file a lawsuit based on a used car lemon law.

When going to a car dealer it is important to know about what a used car lemon law is and ask for the car’s VIN numbers before deciding on which car should be purchased. Some larger automobile dealerships will provide consumers with a Carfax vehicle report if asked.

Review the Carfax report very closely, make sure that the oil has been changed often, the car was not used as a rental car or taxi, the odometer readings look accurate, the airbags have not been deployed, and that the car has not been repaired for flooding or accident damage. Another consumer protection is to ask the dealer if you can take it to a local garage for an inspection. Involving a neutral third party can help revel any potential problems before they occur. Do not be a lemon law victim; take action and protect yourself and your money.

If you believe that you are a victim of fraud in your used car purchase, contact a lemon law lawyer today.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Latest Auto Recalls

These are current recall notices and the dates when the notice was issued. For more information, visit

•GM: 13,780 2010-11 Buick Lucerne and Cadillac DTS sedans with 8-cylinder engines to inspect and reroute, if necessary, the starter or alternator cable if it is in contact with the power steering return line, which could cause a power steering fluid leak. 11/4/10

• Nissan: 747,480 2004-06 Armada, Titan, Infiniti QX56 and 2005-06 Frontier, Pathfinder and Xterra vehicles to replace the engine control module inside the intelligent power distribution module assembly. 10/28/10

• BMW: 20,800 2008 X5 SAVs with 6-cylinder engines due to possibility of fuel pump not being produced to specifications, which could lead to malfunction and engine stalling. 10/26/10

• Ford: 71 2011 Edge and Lincoln MKX vehicles to update incorrectly configured electronic module settings that disable the locking function of the liftgate. 10/25/10

• Mitsubishi: 19,410 2006-08 Endeavor with manual air conditioning to repair the mode door shaft if necessary. 10/20/10

• Suzuki: 69,587 2007 SX4 hatchback and 2008-10 SX4 hatchback and sedans to replace screws on outer rear view mirrors. 10/18/10

• Toyota: 728,544 2005-06 Avalon, 2004-06 Highlander, 2004-06 Lexus RX and 2006 Lexus GS and IS to replace the brake master cylinder seal. 10/21/10

• Honda: 471,820 2005-07 Odyssey and Acura RL vehicles to replace brake master cylinder seal. 10/21/10

• Volvo: 9,746 2010-11 S80, XC70 and 2011 XC60 and 2010 V70 vehicles to install a metal shim in driver's air bag clockspring wiring connector. 10/13/10

View Additional Recalls

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Some article content courtesy of: Chicago Tribune

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tips to Winning a Lemon Law Case

If you are having continual car troubles, and you think that you may have a vehicle that qualifies for the lemon law, a lemon law lawyer can help you figure it out. Every year vehicles are either exchanged, or people are reimbursed, because the brand new model has faults. Before you continue to put money into your vehicle, you should check to see if your vehicle fits this description. If you are attempting to win a lemon law case, there are a few different things that you are able to do, that can increase your chances of victory.

1. Continue to maintain your vehicle properly. Take it for oil changes, tire rotations, and vehicle inspections whenever it is recommended. Have them check brakes, fluids, tires, and anything that may need to be replaced frequently. This way, it will show that you are taking proper care of the vehicle, and that none of the different recurring problems are your fault.

2. Have it serviced by a licensed mechanic. Make sure that wherever your vehicle is worked on, is a reputable dealership, and everyone there is certified. For the best results, take your vehicle to get maintenance at the dealership it was purchased, or a dealership that specializes in fixing your make and model. This way, the mechanics will be familiar with the vehicle, and the reports they give you will be more thorough and detailed.

3. Keep all of your paperwork. Ask the mechanics to be very thorough in all of their reports, from every smell, to noise, or rattle. All of the paperwork should be kept, maintained, and filled out by a licensed mechanic. This way, when you present your case, it is all legible, and this will only help your case.

Our lemon law lawyers have been helping consumers get their money back, or a new car, for years. The laws in every state are different, so let us help you file the paperwork, and get your case started today. A lemon law lawyer can tell you what your vehicle contract entails, all of the detailed information that you may have overlooked, and what to expect to receive. If you are having continual mechanical problems with your vehicle, make sure that you get it looked at by a licensed mechanic, and get a consultation, before its too late for you to do anything about it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Carfax Reports Aren't Always Accurate or Up to Date

Carfax markets itself as a quick and easy way for a car buyer to get all of the information about a used car that they are considering for purchase. While Carfax may claim to be an authority on the repair and title history of the cars that it reports on, the reality is that there are several common situations where Carfax records can be incomplete and leave buyers at risk to become victims of auto fraud.

Carfax Report Mistakes or Omissions That Can Indicate Auto Fraud

Odometer Rollbacks -- Carfax reports commonly list mileage recorded at dealer service intervals and at changes of ownership. Resellers who intentionally perpetrate auto fraud can roll back or even replace odometers in advance of recording a change of ownership. When this happens, the Carfax record will show the fraudulent mileage rather than the true mileage of the vehicle.

Unrecorded Collision Repairs -- When vehicle damage is repaired, even major repairs may not be recorded on a Carfax report. This can happen when the vehicle owner chooses to pay for the repair out of pocket, or when an unscrupulous car dealer with in-house repair facilities buys a heavily damaged car and fixes it themselves. In either case, the repairs may not be up to acceptable standards and nevertheless go undetected by buyers who depend on the Carfax to reveal accident damage.

Under-reported Damage -- Severely damaged vehicles can still hold clear titles, even when an accident is noted on a Carfax report. This can happen if the car was self-insured, such as is commonly the case with fleet vehicles or rental cars. Another instance where serious damage does not trigger a salvage title listing is when a car sustained damages that fell under the price limit required to be considered a total loss.

How a Consumer Fraud Attorney Can Advocate for You

With years of experience in the field, a consumer fraud attorney that practices extensively in cases of auto fraud can be a strong advocate for your rights as a consumer. In instances where serious collision damage was repaired and subsequently misrepresented by a car dealer, or in cases where car mileage was fraudulently rolled back before a car was resold, the services of an experienced consumer fraud attorney can be a critical advantage when pursuing claims against perpetrators of auto fraud.
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